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Classic Debates

2002 CEDA Nationals Final Round: Fort Hays v Michigan State – Commentary Included

Rounds From the 2011 College Debate Postseason




2011 CEDA Natioanls Finals

NDT Semis Northwestern BK v Emory IW

NDT Quarters Oklahoma GW v Michigan LZ

NDT Octos Loyolla EM v Northwestern BK

NDT Doubles Oklahoma GW v Emporia WW

CEDA Quarters Kansas KQ v Towson CK

CEDA Prelims Towson CK v Kansas KQ

CEDA Semis: Kansas State MZ v Liberty FH

Demo Debates/Exhibition Rounds

The Non-Trad Showdown

Pro Debates: Debate Realness with a Twist v Edebate Allstars

Pro Debates: Redlands IZ v Edebate Allstars

Pro Debates: Allstars v Oklahoma CJ

A demo debate on the 2010-2011 High School Policy Topic from the GDI

Regular Season Rounds 2010-2011

Wake Quarters: Texas CM v Loyolla EM

Octos Kentucky: Northwestern BW v Oklahoma GW

Emory GJ v Kansas KQ

Michigan LZ v Texas CM

Oklahoma GW v Harvard JP

Michigan LZ v UTSA SK

Emporia WW v Kansas KQ

Rounds from the 2009-2010 Season

2010 CEDA Nationals Final Round: Oklahoma GW v Whitman CS

NDT Octos: West Georgia BS v Northwestern FS

Harvard Quarters: Emory IW v Texas CM


“Its Okay to Want to be Evil” by Scott Odekirk

“The Art of the Case Hit” by Adam Symonds of Arizona State University

“Judge Adaptation” a lecture by James Roland

“Securitization and Framework” by Izak Dunn

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