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CEDA Semis: Kansas State MZ v Liberty FH

Posted in College, elimination round, Video with tags , , on June 16, 2011 by Scott Odekirk

These were two of my favorite teams last year! I really enjoyed seeing how much work Liberty put in all year at getting better and was overjoyed to see them do so well at the end of the season. Thanks to all the participants (Beth Mendenhall, Derek Ziegler, Eddie Fitzgerald, and Benjamin Hagwood). K State would go on to win this debate and the rest of the tournament.



Critical Issues in Debate: Kansas State Wins CEDA Nationals: Koehle and Mendenhall.

Posted in Critical Issues in Debate, Podcasts with tags , , on April 27, 2011 by Scott Odekirk

On the heels of posting the CEDA Nationals final round I wanted to get a couple of the folks at Kansas State that I know on the podcast to talk about how they did it.

Download for media devices by clicking here K State Cast

Beth Mendenhall discusses what it took for her and her partner, Derek Ziegler, to win the 2011 CEDA National Championship, being a woman in debate and her thoughts on the visas topic.

Joe Koehle, formerly of WGLF fame, coached Kansas State over the past couple of years. He discusses what it took from the debaters and coaches to make K State a championship level program, the Chicago Bulls, and his thoughts on the visas topic.

2011 CEDA Nationals Final Round

Posted in Beating K Affs, College, elimination round, Final Round, Video with tags , on April 26, 2011 by Scott Odekirk

Two great teams met in this years CEDA NAtionals Final Round. Kansas State was represented by Beth Mendenhall and Derek Ziegler and Towson was represented by Ben Crossan and Fernando Kirkman. Kansas State would win this debate, and the championship on a 6-3. Thanks to all the participants!