NDT Semis: Northwestern BK vs Emory IW

This was an awesome debate. Thanks to all the participants (Ryan Beiermeister & Layne Kirshon for Northwestern and Ovais Inamullah & Stephen Weil from Emory). Emory would win this debate on a 4-1 to advance to the NDT final round.




semis decisions

10 Responses to “NDT Semis: Northwestern BK vs Emory IW”

  1. Why is there so much coughing? Poor air quality? It’s driving me crazy.

  2. Does anyone have a cite for that Dickinson card on the political capital debate?

  3. is Ryan Beiermeister the girl?

  4. […] you can see the NDT semi final round that we discuss here […]

  5. i was just wondering if i could get the cites for the buddhism k 1nc.

  6. Live Debates Now…

    […]NDT Semis: Northwestern BK vs Emory IW « puttingthekindebate.com[…]…

  7. Like my favorite English taeehcr used to say: the grammar’s fine if the point gets across. It is sort of interesting, because I seem to recall us disagreeing on a similar point on a different subject. I think the difference comes from your emphasis on relative power, while I see it as being power plus intent. I don’t mean intent in the sense of some jackhole saying something obviously cruel, and then hiding behind saying it was a joke, I didn’t mean any harm. I also don’t mean the casual bigotry of people who have no ill intent because they simply don’t care about the people who they might hurt. I might be wrong, but I don’t think Sarah Silverman is trying to hurt people with her jokes. I don’t think Louis C.K. is punching down with his jokes either. Satire bites, and sometimes it stings more than other times, but there’s a world of difference between someone using language that nips at your heels, and people who are trying to tear off a pound of flesh.

  8. What are the cites for the k?

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