bringing together some of debate’s best and brightest…

… to discuss the pressing issues in both high scholl and college debate. Critical Issues is dedicated to both edcuation and entertainment. The contributions made by those on the podcast do not reflect the home institutions of those involved…

 About the host…

care bear odie

Scott Odekirk, aka “odie,” is the argument coach for the nationally competitive college debate team at Idaho State University. In his time there he has coached many successful debaters including multiple first round bids to the NDT. Scott has a strong interest in critical theory and alternative styles in debate and his teams have enjoyed great success through the use of innovative and experimental approaches. However, odie is not just a “K guy,” he loves and respects all forms of debate and looks forward to innovations that come out of all corners of this community. Critical Issues in Debate is an opportunity for Scott to chat with his friends, learn from collegues, and contribute community discussions throughout debate. Scott loves debate.


A Conversation with James Mollison of Loyolla Marymount

Dr Hester’s Reflection on the 2012 College Debate Season

Democracy Assistance Topic Wording Roundup Part 1

Dr Kuswa on the Democracy Assistance Topic Meetings

Special NBA Finals Podcast

Jackie Massey on the OU Debate and “The Call of the Loon”

Izak Dunn on the Role of Philosophy in Debate

Kansas State Folks on Winning CEDA Nationals

“Pigs in Space” a Topic Ride-A-Long with Kevin Kuswa

Luis Magallon on the Immigration Topic, the Lived Experience of the Undocumented, and Identity Politics

A Top-Notch Conversation with One of the Best, Dr. Ryan Galloway of Samford Debate

Paul Mabrey on music, the uniqueness of the debate space, and the Madison Cup

End of the season roundup featuring four prominent college debate coaches: Lindsey Shook, Jeff Buntin, Lawrence Grandpre, Jarrod Atchison.

A conversation with world renowned West Georgia debate coach, Dr. Michael Hester.

A conversation with 2010 NDT Champion Eric Lanning

Critical Issues in Debate: a Conversation with Calum Matheson

Critical Issues in Debate: 2010 Topic Roundup

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