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“Judge Adaptation” a Lecture by James Roland

Posted in camp, lectures, Video with tags , , , , , , , on August 9, 2010 by Scott Odekirk

Everybody should observe James Roland and the relationship he has cultivated with this game. When I shared an apartment with James this summer he always said, “you know Odie, we can change the world!” I learned so much from him just hanging out at night and sharing meals. His view are nuanced and his methods are inspirational. Everybody should watch James Roland speak. We recently reported his trip to the oval office and we are proud to bring you this lecture from the GDI that James gave on judge adaptation.

High School NFL Champs Meet President Obama!

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YEAHHHH! I just want to point out that second from the left is one of my favorite people in debate and my GDI room mate, James Roland. Congrats!

Check out this NAUDL page to see a more extensive breakdown of all the lawmakers these debaters met!

here is a link to Whitney Young’s Team Page which details their run last year.