The Transportation Infrastructure Topic by Kevin Kuswa

The Shanara Reid-Brinkley Interview by Scott Odekirk (Read the comments!)

Kritiking Space Exploration and Development by Kevin Kuswa

“Space Posts” by Michael “Bear” Bryant: Part 1, 2, 3

Defining Kritik vs Practicing Kritik by Scott Odekirk

The Esoteric and Critique by Izak Dunn

Thus Spoke Sheen: Nietzsche and Tiger’s Blood by Scott Odekirk

What is this? by Scott Odekirk

3nr’s Recommended K Article? by Izak Dunn

Impact Hyperbole: A Dilemma of Contemporary Debate Practice by Toni Nielson

High School NFL Champs Meet President Obama! by Scott Odekirk

Let Me Borrow that File – I Wanna Borrow that File by Toni Nielson

Friends and Debate by Kevin Kuswa

Community of Difference by Toni Nielson

Let them Eat Cake by Toni Nielson

A Classic Debate: The 2002 CEDA Nationals Championship Round by Scott Odekirk

Meander Here by Kevin Kuswa

Kritiking Reductions in Police and Military Pressence by Kevin Kuswa

Kritiking is Debating is Kritiking by Kevin Kuswa

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