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Critical Issues in Debate: Jackie Massey on “The Loon” and OU Debate

Posted in Critical Issues in Debate, Podcasts with tags , , on June 3, 2011 by Scott Odekirk

Jackie Massey helped create and is the current director of the Oklahoma University Debate Team which has, in its brief 8 year existence, has had top level national success including 4 First Round at Large bids to the NDT, 3 CEDA Nationals Championships, and 1st Place at every major regular season college tournament. They have done all of this running kritiks on both sides of the resolution. Jackie also hosts one of the most interesting summer workshops geared specifically for kritik debaters named “The Call of the Loon.” This discussion covers The Loon, what it was like to coach the team of Giglio and Watts, Jackie’s reaction to the new college topic area, winning CEDA championships, and the keys to success for the Sooner debate team.

Here is a link to the Oklahoma Debate Website.

Download by clicking this link massey on the loon. Search for “” or “critical issues in debate” on itunes to get it there!