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A Conversation with James Mollison of Loyolla Marymount

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This edition of Critical Issues in Debate features one of the most prolific K debaters of the last decade. During this past season James Mollison, along with his partner Jack Ewing, earned the 3rd overall ranking at the end of the year, won tournaments, beat all the best, and blew minds. Scott Odekirk, the host, had a chance to work closely with LMU EM¬†throughout the season so this conversation touches on LMU’s unique preparation process, their approach toward nationals, their entry of the DSRB Interview into the Semis of the NDT, and the general motivations of James when it comes to elite level debate competition. This conversation lightly touches on some mature subjects and uses adult language. This is one of the best interviews in the history of deb(k)ate’s interview project.

Play with audio player below or download this podcast by clicking this link:  mollison may 2012

James and Scott will be working together at the Xylum Debate Institute this summer. XDI is a unique debate camp focused on alternative and non traditional pedagogy with an eye toward using the K to defeat the very best. XDI is now accepting applications for their first ever session during the second week in August. Apply today and mention this podcast on your application!

Consider Attending this Unique Camp: xylum debate institute

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Their Staff already looks awesome and it looks as if I may be participating as well. I will most likely have a podcast later about this but for now, everybody should be aware that they are taking applications. Here is the link.

xylum debate institute

College Topic (CEDA-NDT) Announced

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pretty big consensus for the resolution this time around:

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase its democracy assistance for one or more of the following: Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen.

Mini Black Holes–Space Exploration Update

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Hi all,

Good luck on all the space research. Keep in mind, it will come to you if you do not go to it. A good friend passed on this link from National Geographic the other day. Looks like tiny black holes are all around us! Stay tuned for further information. Kevin

First Round At-Large Bids to the NDT Announced

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The following teams received first round at-large bids to the 2011 National Debate Tournament:

California-Berkeley PoBo
Emory WeIn
Georgetown MaDa
Georgia LaLa
Gonzaga MoKa
Harvard JaPa
Kansas PeKe
Kansas QuKe
Loyola MoEw
Michigan ZaLi
Northwestern BeKi
Northwestern SpFi
Oklahoma GiWa
Texas-Dallas BaRo
Towson KiCr
Vanderbilt NoBr

“Its Okay to Want to be Evil,” a Kritik lecture by Scott Odekirk

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