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Pro Debate: “Debate Realness with a Twist” vs Edebate Allstars

Posted in Beating K Affs, Ks on the Aff, UDLs, Video with tags , , , , on March 2, 2011 by Scott Odekirk

Here is a fantastic round between “Debate Realness with a Twist” (Rashad Evans and Deven Cooper) on the aff and the Edebate Allstars (Mike Hester and Jsharp) on the neg. This round is probably the closest that the Allstars had but they still won the debate on a 2-0. This is definitely a must-see round. Thanks to all the participants and the Bay Area UDL for putting on the tournament.

Pro Debate: Iola and Zehring vs Hester and Jsharp

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Here the Allstars go neg against a Sam Iola and Jake Zehring (aka JZ according to Jim Schultz), seen here as “don’tthinkwecare,”¬†on the nuclear weapons topic. Here is a great example of how to beat “out-there” K affs without evidence. If that idea is blowing you mind, you definitely have to watch this! The Allstars also won this debate on a 2-0.

A Must See Pro Round: Hester and Jsharp vs Oklahoma CJ

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This comes from the professional debate tournament put on by the Bay Area Urban Debate League last year between CEDA and the NDT. Special thanks go to BAUDL and all the participants (Conor Cleary, Blake Johnson, Mike Hester, and JSharp). This was a great event and the rounds of the “Edebate Allstars” are some of the most watchable debates I have ever caught on film. The Edebate Allstars would win this debate on a 2-0. Love this conspiracy aff!

High School NFL Champs Meet President Obama!

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YEAHHHH! I just want to point out that second from the left is one of my favorite people in debate and my GDI room mate, James Roland. Congrats!

Check out this NAUDL page to see a more extensive breakdown of all the lawmakers these debaters met!

here is a link to Whitney Young’s Team Page which details their run last year.