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Critical Issues in Debate: Special NBA Edition

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Here the podcast makes its first forray into the realm of pop culture by focusing on the 2011 NBA Finals matchup between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. This podcast get fan reaction from Jim Schultz representing the Miami Heat, Paul Kanellopoulos representing the Dallas Mavericks, and lastly Scott calls one of his best friends and fellow Utah Jazz fans, Mike Shackelford, to discuss whether the Jazz ought to draft BYU star Jimmer Fredette.

Jim Schultz currently coaches debate at Idaho State University and the Head Royce School. As a debater he is a four time qualifier to the NDT, reaching elimination rounds and placing in the top 20 speakers three times. He participated in the elimination rounds of nearly every tournament in college. Jim has coached many high schools to deep elimination rounds of virtually every national high school tournament including Chattahoochee, Georgetown Day, Bishop Guertin, and Carrollton Sacred Heart.

Paul Kanellopoulos is a graduate of Mercer Island High School and currently on the top team at Gonzaga. Paul and his partner were award the 12th overall first round bid to the 2011 NDT where they advanced to the octa finals before losing on a 5-2 decision to Harvard. Paul has proven an exceptional coach at Saint Georges School in Spokane where he most recently coached two teams to TOC bids in 2011.

Mike Shackelford is a Utah Jazz season ticket holder, the head coach of the highly successful Rowland Hall St. Marks High School is Salt Lake City, and has coached teams to the highest levels of high school debate including deep outround runs at the TOC. He also coaches at Cal Berkeley who recently appeared in quarterfinals of the NDT. Mike and Scott have been close friends for over decade.

Search for the podcast on itunes! Download here by clicking this link  CIID 2011 NBA Finals.

Critical Issues in Debate: Jackie Massey on “The Loon” and OU Debate

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Jackie Massey helped create and is the current director of the Oklahoma University Debate Team which has, in its brief 8 year existence, has had top level national success including 4 First Round at Large bids to the NDT, 3 CEDA Nationals Championships, and 1st Place at every major regular season college tournament. They have done all of this running kritiks on both sides of the resolution. Jackie also hosts one of the most interesting summer workshops geared specifically for kritik debaters named “The Call of the Loon.” This discussion covers The Loon, what it was like to coach the team of Giglio and Watts, Jackie’s reaction to the new college topic area, winning CEDA championships, and the keys to success for the Sooner debate team.

Here is a link to the Oklahoma Debate Website.

Download by clicking this link massey on the loon. Search for “” or “critical issues in debate” on itunes to get it there!

Critical Issues in Debate: Izak Dunn on the Role of Philosophy in Debate

Posted in Critical Issues in Debate with tags on May 10, 2011 by Scott Odekirk

Izak Dunn is an author on this site, he has participated in the Non-Trad Showdown, and written such posts as The Esoteric and Critique. As a debater he was very successful, clearing multiple times at the NDT, enjoying deep runs at big tournaments, and earning Idaho State University’s 1st First Round bid to the NDT in 2006. This conversation covers a lot of things under the general heading of the role of philosophy in policy debate including: a round between Harvard and Oklahoma, lived experience in identity politics, Michael Dillon, mutual preference judging and the marginalized, Zizek, where to start with things like Deleuze and Guatarri, Descartes and skepticism, Izak’s first exposure to the the kritik, ontology in debate, getting lost in Heidegger, being an angsty teenager, and more! Scott and Izak also issue a formal challenge. Currently he coaches at Gonzaga University, who earned a first round this year, and is also the director of the newly emerging program at Eastern Washington. This podcast epitomizes the phrase “philosophy on the street!”

also check out on iTunes! You can also download this podcast here: izak on philosophy.

Here is a link to the round Scott and Izak discuss between Harvard and Oklahoma.

Here is a link to Scott’s decision in which he discusses the application of Descartes in debate.

Critical Issues in Debate: Kansas State Wins CEDA Nationals: Koehle and Mendenhall.

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On the heels of posting the CEDA Nationals final round I wanted to get a couple of the folks at Kansas State that I know on the podcast to talk about how they did it.

Download for media devices by clicking here K State Cast

Beth Mendenhall discusses what it took for her and her partner, Derek Ziegler, to win the 2011 CEDA National Championship, being a woman in debate and her thoughts on the visas topic.

Joe Koehle, formerly of WGLF fame, coached Kansas State over the past couple of years. He discusses what it took from the debaters and coaches to make K State a championship level program, the Chicago Bulls, and his thoughts on the visas topic.

Critical Issues in Debate: “Pigs in Space” a High School Topic Ride-A-Long with Kevin Kuswa

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Kevin Kuswa was an incredibly successful college debater. He reached the octos at the NDT in four straight appearances and in 1992 he won the NDT while debating at Georgetown. He has been a very successful coach at the University of Richmond and will be the director at Fresno State University. He is also an author on this site and we are very lucky to have Kevin on the deb(k)ate team! This podcast is dedicated to the High School Space Topic for the 2011-2012 season.

Download for media devices here kuswa on the highschool topic

Here is a link to all the stuff Kevin has produced on Putting the K in!

Critical Issues in Debate: Luis M Magallon Garcia on the Immigration Topic

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Luis Magallon is one of the best debaters I ever judged and one of the best judges/coaches in the college community. During his time at Cal State Fullerton he has contributed to many innovations in kritik debate. This discussion is focused on whether or not this year’s visa topic actually came to terms with the most important immigration issues. This podcast is centered on the experience of the undocumented in both debate and the broader immigration/visa system. We also discuss the way identity politics is being deployed in contemporary debates and Luis’ concern that many contemporary race theory is overly modernist. His perspective is essential to consider when asking the question: what did we learn from the immigration topic?

download for media devices by clicking this link ciid luis on immigration

Critical Issues in Debate: A Conversation with Dr. Ryan Galloway

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Dr. Ryan Galloway is the director of the Samford University Debate team who recently cleared to the octos at the National Debate Tournament. Everyone who listens to this will be smarter after listening. Dr. Galloway provides insights on this year’s topic, succeeding in the contemporary college debate environment as a small school, what we should look for in next year’s topic, the purpose of the activity, what debaters should be doing in the off-season, and why the affirmative should have to defend a topical plan. I have been wanting to get Dr. Galloway on the podcast for over a year now and I feel lucky to have had him on. Enjoy!

Click here to download the podcast for media devices ciid dr galloway

here is the link to the podcast by Repko and Paul that Galloway refers to.