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US Democracy Assistance to the “Middle East and North Africa”

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Hi all,

You may have heard that the college community is contemplating an “Arab Spring” topic area put together by Gordon Stables.  A quick question for the folks here: how would you set up variables for what countries to include/exclude?

In other words, if you look at all the countries in the region, which ones would be best to debate in terms of increasing US democracy assistance?  Why would you select those particular countries?  There are a lot of ways to answer this and many people are engaged in research on this very question.  If you have any thoughts on how to evaluate this question, post them here or on the CEDA Forums!

Thanks in advance,


2011 CEDA Nationals Final Round

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Two great teams met in this years CEDA NAtionals Final Round. Kansas State was represented by Beth Mendenhall and Derek Ziegler and Towson was represented by Ben Crossan and Fernando Kirkman. Kansas State would win this debate, and the championship on a 6-3. Thanks to all the participants!





Critical Issues in Debate: Luis M Magallon Garcia on the Immigration Topic

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Luis Magallon is one of the best debaters I ever judged and one of the best judges/coaches in the college community. During his time at Cal State Fullerton he has contributed to many innovations in kritik debate. This discussion is focused on whether or not this year’s visa topic actually came to terms with the most important immigration issues. This podcast is centered on the experience of the undocumented in both debate and the broader immigration/visa system. We also discuss the way identity politics is being deployed in contemporary debates and Luis’ concern that many contemporary race theory is overly modernist. His perspective is essential to consider when asking the question: what did we learn from the immigration topic?

download for media devices by clicking this link ciid luis on immigration

2011 NDT Quarters: Oklahoma GW vs Michigan LZ

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This is most certainly one of the debates of the year! These are two of my favorite teams ever and it has been a privilege to watch them both progress and innovate throughout the years. Thank you so much to both teams. Michigan won this debate on a 4-1.





2011 NDT Octos: Loyolla EM vs Northwestern BK

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This was a great debate between Jack Ewing and James Mollison from Loyolla and Layne Kirshon and Ryan Beiermeister from Northwestern. Don’t miss the order for the 1ac, by the way, it is 3 off! 3 off for the 1ac! Northwestern would go on to win this debate on a 3-2 decision.




Critical Issues in Debate: Paul Mabrey on the Madison Cup

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Imagine a tournament where policy teams and parli teams meet to compete for prizes worth up to 5,000 dollars. Paul Mabrey, assistant director of the James Madison University Policy Debate Team, explains just such an event being hosted this week by JMU entitled the Madison Cup. Paul discusses the unique format of the tournament, the prize money, the debate space and also the intersection between live music and live debate. This is one of my favorite things I have done with the website. This year’s Madison Cup takes place this thursday.

click this link to downlaod this podcast in a format suitable for media players and devices mabrey on the madison cup

Click this link to watch the “final table” from the 2010 Madison Cup.

Thanks so much to Paul Mabrey. We will certainly be involving Paul in many more things with Putting the K in!

Critical Issues In Debate: End of the Season College Debate Roundup

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click this link for a downloadable version for audio players end of the year college season roundup 2011

I thought this weekend was a great time to talk with some great coaches around the country about what they thought about the past season and the visas topic. This conversation involves four coaches and goes in a lot of different directions. If you participated in the past college season, are a student of debate, or are interested in what we do at all this should be very educational and entertaining. Guests include:

Lindsey Shook is getting her PHD at Kansas University and is one of the coaches that helped Kansas earn two first rounds to the NDT this past season during which she worked closely with Kansas KQ who won the Wake Forest Tournament. In this podcast Lindsey explains why she liked the visas topic, the counterfactual aff Kansas KQ broke in quarters of the NDT, and what it means for her to participate in the activity.

Jeff Buntin is one of the main argument coaches and lead researchers for the 2011 NDT Championship debate team at Northwestern University. He is known for his fantastic research and his strong work ethic. Jeff talks about the parts of the 2010-2011 college topic that he really enjoyed, including the human trafficking portion of the topic. He also describes what it was like to coach two teams in semifinals of the NDT. He discusses the strategic utility of the H1-B affs this year and a number of important counterplan strategies that occured this year. 

Lawrence Grandpre is a coach for the Towson Debate Team. Lawrence is a great judge and very wel researched on contemporary theory on race and critical theory. He explains the unique perspective those on his debate team had on this year’s topic and and some of the arguments they made this year. Lawrence discusses the work of Frank Wildersen and a few other key authors that one could read to learn more about the history of race politics in America. 

 Jarrod Atchison is one of the best debate coaches in the country and just completed his first year as the directer of the Wake Forest Univesity Debate Team. He is one of the most highly preferred judges in the country and one of the brightest people in the community. Jarrod discusses what he loves about debate, judging, Wake Forest Debate, and the most recent class of college seniors in debate. Jarrod explains what he liked about the visas topic, specifically the ways that affs innovated throughout the season. He also suggests some things that debaters can do in the offseason to get better.

Thanks to all those that participated! Look for another installment of the these end of the year round ups soon.