Critical Issues in Debate: Democracy Assistance Topic Roundup Part 2

In this podcast we continue our discussion of the upcoming college topic wording vote. Ballots are due by July 13!

Follow this link to view the resolutions on the ballot and download Stables’ country chart (it helps).

Coaches on this edition include:

Andrea Reed is currently heading into her second year as the director of the University of Kentucky debate team. She has now attended 4 topic meetings through her years as a coach and has a lot of great thoughts on this year’s college topic. She also talks briefly about the high school space topic. This is her second appearance on Critical Issues in Debate.

Gabe Murillo was a very successful debater at Wayne State and has coached the University of Oklahoma to recent and well-known success. Gabe is making his second appearance on the podcast and has some interesting ideas about how topics like this could be crafted in the future.

Sarah PartlowLefevre is the director of the highly successful debate team at Idaho State University. She has won a number of college coaching awards including the coach of the year award given at the NDT. She is also currently serving as the Cross Examination Debate Association’s First Vice President which makes her highly involved in the topic process. This is her first appearance on the podcast.


You can listen to the podcast here, download it on iTunes, or download it here by clicking this link: Democracy Assistance Topic Roundup Part 2

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