2011 CEDA Nationals Final Round

Two great teams met in this years CEDA NAtionals Final Round. Kansas State was represented by Beth Mendenhall and Derek Ziegler and Towson was represented by Ben Crossan and Fernando Kirkman. Kansas State would win this debate, and the championship on a 6-3. Thanks to all the participants!





6 Responses to “2011 CEDA Nationals Final Round”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Odekirk – I really enjoy listening to these podcasts – but is there a way you could throw them up on the iTunes podcast system? I think that would be helpful both in terms of organizing the files (having the right tags, etc) on my iTunes as well as making sure I don’t miss one (just simply having a go-to place where all the podcasts are listed).

    Keep it up though!

    • Scott Odekirk Says:

      still working out some of the features but the podcast is now up on iTunes you can find it by searching puttingthekindebate.com or critical issues in debate.

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  2. Jeffrey Says:

    obviously meant to leave this comment on the podcast post

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    […]2011 CEDA Nationals Final Round « puttingthekindebate.com[…]…

  4. Marci – I love these photos! You are so talnteed Janna! I’m so sad you aren’t coming this year not just for the pictures though, it’s so fun to catch up with you. I wish lived closer so are kids could play and we could just hang out more often! You’re amazing!

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