Friday Foto Kaption Kontest: 08/13/2010

This week’s Friday Foto Kaption Kontest is a doozy and might give a whole new meaning to Pointer Duty:

Can you win this week's Friday Foto Kaption Kontest...and survive?

Thank you for all of your submissions, and good luck!

12 Responses to “Friday Foto Kaption Kontest: 08/13/2010”

  1. Abe Corrigan Says:

    And suddenly, no one thought Pointer’s middle name was funny anymore…

  2. Pointer says, “the damage is done with the crushing, not necessarily the cutting.”

  3. john cook Says:

    …and after fashioning his forest camp he knew would be ready when the Russians came.

    • Dear Dr. Kristi,My coworker alayws wants to play chess, chat about some cool web site, or show me some youtube video when I am trying to work. How do I nicely either tell them to let me work, or quickly put up with their interrupting banter.

  4. Nick Neuteufel Says:

    I will hollow out capitalism, with my axe!

    (Herod reference)

  5. Dooteedooteedoo… Now where is that power switch? Why would some jerk turn off the electricity to draw me away from the jacuzzi with a half naked woman in it? And who is that man with an axe?

  6. Andrew Tinker Says:

    He had no idea cutting a new aff would be that difficult.

  7. Though it is needless to say that Steve Pointer’s RFDs could be harsh, this one seemed to outdo the rest.


  9. Steve Pointer’s interests include long walks on the beach, arnold palmers, and competitive lumber-jacking.

  10. You get….Pointer duty.

  11. #@*$(&@!# Says:

    Pointer is Canadian!?

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