A Demonstration Debate on the 2010-11 High School Policy Topic

Featuring Will Sears (2010 NDT Semifinalist from Wake) and Beth Mendenhall (outstanding senior from Kansas State) on the affirmative, against Eric Lanning (2010 NDT Champion) and Leah Moczulski (amazing 2N from Gonzaga) on the negative. Brian Rubaie (2010 NDT first round recipient and dominant 2A from UTD) moderates this debate. Sam Mauer (Director at Emporia State), Scott Odekirk (Coach at Idaho State), and the student vote make up the three ballots that will decide this debate on a 3-0 for the affirmative, but you can make your own choice.



Announcement of Decision 

4 Responses to “A Demonstration Debate on the 2010-11 High School Policy Topic”

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  2. Too fast.
    If this is to serve as a demo, it would be great if novice debaters could understand what is being said. I don’t think all this speed creates greater depth or understanding of the topic.

    Notice, how the opposing team has to use notes to base rebuttals. The quality of an oral argument is lost.

  3. Kashif Ravasia Says:

    Umm, welcome to policy debate, Ann. The norm is to spread. Hence, the instructors are giving a demonstration of what an actual debate on the topic might look like.

    Also, I would disagree that speed is bad. It allows for a deeper discussion through the introduction of many points, as well as having a number of benefits outside the of activity.
    Rebuttals should be based on notes, so as to accurately respond to all of the opponents’ points. Debate is premised on clash, and the use of a flow in constructing rebuttals means that debaters will (usually) be able to discuss each argument.

  4. bookmarked!!, I like your blog!

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