The Non-Trad Showdown

Featuring ISU OD (Odekirk and Dunn), two debate coaches who learned their style at Idaho State, on the affirmative. Also featuring Fullerton NW (Nielson and Ward), two current debate coaches who developed their style while debating together at Cal State Fullerton. What happens when two non traditional K teams face eachother? This is the question asked by this showdown which has become a regular aspect of the Gonzaga Debate Institute curriculum. This showdown was moderated (quite well) by Professor Sam Mauer who is the Director at Emporia State University. Enjoy! Thanks to all the participants (many of which are authors on this site) and a special thanks to the GDI for making it all possible.

Part 1 

Part 2

5 Responses to “The Non-Trad Showdown”

  1. A Note for Public Record: The neg won this debate 58-22.

  2. For those who want to know more about the negative’s main author and argument:

    Or perhaps Toni or someone else could add some more insight.

  3. phantomoutlaw Says:

    Its not working for me?

  4. […] In this discussion Izak Dunn, Gonzaga coach and Eastern Washington director, explains some of the exciting Krititk possibilities on the upcoming space topic, praises the Wrath of Kahn, describes leading his 4-week lab with Malcom Gordon, and previews the much anticipated “Non-Traditional Showdown.” (See last year’s showdown here). […]

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