Critical Issues in Debate: a conversation with NDT Champion Eric Lanning

Scott Odekirk and Eric Lanning, the 2010 National Debate Tournament champion, discuss debate, politics, life, language, and disability. This is an interesting discussion revealing the multifaceted nature of Eric and his vibrant care for the community. Download the podcast below for mobile devices and other media players.

critical issues in debate eric lanning

thanks to eric for a great conversation

3 Responses to “Critical Issues in Debate: a conversation with NDT Champion Eric Lanning”

  1. I think this podcast demonstrates an important lesson–even NDT Champions are human…who knew? Great interview, guys!

    • When he went home with wet hair, his mother qnoetisued him about it, reported what happened to Penn State police, and later confronted Sandusky with a university police officer listening in the next room. Sandusky confessed to the disturbing and suspicious behavior, but there was no arrest. I wonder why there was no arrest? Maybe Sandusky lied and convinced them that although it looked suspicious, there was no harm meant. If that was the case, then he was left free to continue his activities. It should however have raised the radar enough that someone should have been monitoring him. I mean, even Michael Jackson was tried for his questionable activity with children.

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