NDT 2010: Octas: West Georgia BS vs Northwestern FS



Jim Shultz’s Last 2ar – Finally Found!

10 Responses to “NDT 2010: Octas: West Georgia BS vs Northwestern FS”

  1. Debater X Says:

    What if open source scouting for the NDT was 1/4 to 1/2 focused on getting audio or video rather than just args & cites????????

    Debates would get much better much quicker.

    Also, I think this opens up so much for high schoolers who 98.5% would generally never be able to see a debate like this or at least never know they had the option to see (assuming it was within an hour or two drive).

    Thanks Scott!

  2. odekirkscott Says:

    I would love that.

    I would like to raise two questions for consideration:

    I like to ask the question: which advance in debate tech will improve the quality of debating more, paperless or audio/video?

    We also need to ask, how much is the scouting really doing for us?

    I love video of debates and, according to my administrator screen for this site, so do a lot of debate people…

    • I think they will improve debate in their own unique ways. Paperless debating will eventually bring a sort of open-source full-text archive to the analysis of the community (that is, I think alongside Marx that a classless debate text is inevitable). I believe this will have the dual effect of improving what passes as research in the community and allowing more start up programs to get off the ground regarding evidence production.

      Audio/Video will help remind us that debate is a persuasive activity and that a bunch of computers “reading” textbits can’t do our job without us.

      Finally, in a strange way, I do think that the classless debate society may achieve the above aim of audio/video technology insofar that if everyone had the same evidence to talk about, the fetishization of debate’s capital might shift away from evidence itself and toward what people say about said evidence (and, perhaps even how people say things about evidence)….

  3. I agree with Izak here. There is a lot of potential beyond simply “paperless” debate which will level the playing field (so to speak).

    Creating a centralized database system is an interesting thought: Rules can be defined for access to evidence (such as within a team, or if opposing teams hit each other, or – god forbid – free access to all evidence for everybody); statistics can be kept on teams, judges, even specific arguments, cards, and authors; data mining techniques can used to analyze the text of cards to identify persuasive phrases, potential search terms for research, etc. Very controversial, but very cool, I think. After all, controversy is the name of the game in debate ; )

    I’ll also argue that some forms of alleviation of the burden of research could allow students to focus on conceptual issues (learning about new arguments, studying debate theory, reading to UNDERSTAND critical authors) as well as encourage further refinement the aesthetic aspects of debate by granting them more time to simply PRACTICE debating (rhetorical skills, experimental speaking styles, etc.).

    Recording debates is extremely helpful. I would love to be able to record myself, watch back, and re-do my speeches . . over and over and over . . . I literally just spent a year doing this behind the drumset, investigating how my sound developed as my practice routines became more serious and comparing my sound to the professionals whose videos I can watch online. I would LOVE to have such capability in debate.


  4. haha, can someone tell me what the song in the beginning was?thanks

  5. Why is it that the judge’s RFD is usually not in videos of debates online? Do judges oppose their comments being recorded? I only ask because it seems like it would be useful in better understanding how a round played out and where it was won and lost.

  6. play drums online…

    […]NDT 2010: Octas: West Georgia BS vs Northwestern FS « puttingthekindebate.com[…]…

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  8. Good day! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any suggestions?

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